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During July and August 2015, the twelve of us journeyed for two weeks across South Africa with Francois and Lydia du Toit. Our hearts were indelibly linked, and on our last evening together as we sat around a fire in breathtaking Hermanus, the concept of the Mirror Word Foundation was birthed. We have all been incredibly impacted by the message of our Father's unconditional love and immense grace toward all humanity and desire that all people see the truth of their intrinsic value and worth. Through the Mirror Word Foundation we will endeavor to aid others in coming together to support the people that are so beautifully communicating this message.

Andre Rabe

God has done the unthinkable…the impossible, when He became a man. Despite the limitations and constraints of a human body, the infinite One lived and moved and revealed himself, without constraint, in the person of Jesus Christ. The human body by itself is only flesh…but united with God, it becomes the most holy place of sacred encounter. In similar manner, God did the impossible in giving us the Scriptures: Despite the limitations and constraints of human language, God is able to reveal himself without constraint through these words. The words by themselves are simply human words appealing to nothing more than human intellect…but united with God, they become spirit and create an environment for sacred encounter. It is out of this place of sacred encounter that Francois brings us a fresh and exciting translation of the New Testament books. There is such a wealth of understanding contained within the variances and subtle meanings of the original Greek…the sheer number of translations are testimony to that. The Mirror Translation makes full use of the richness within the words themselves, but even more importantly, it is inspired by the revelation of Christ in us, the mirror encounter in which we see Jesus as the unveiling of our own identity. Francois’ translations of the Scriptures have inspired me for more than 20 years…it is time that the world benefits from them!

Dr. Steve McVey

I have been asked at times why God didn’t make the Bible easier to understand. If He is able to inspire the writings of Scripture, couldn’t He provide a key for unlocking its treasures for us? The Mirror Translation you hold in your hand opens the treasure-chest of understanding with that Key. The key to properly understanding the Bible is Jesus Christ. He is the source and subject of its pages. For years I have been asked why there isn’t a Bible translation that presents the Scriptures from a pure grace orientation. It is a great encouragement to know that you now hold such a translation in your hands. Drawing not only from the literal meaning, but also the historical nuances of the Greek language, Francois du Toit presents this translation in a way that will enrich your love for our Triune God and ground you in the grace expressed to us all through Jesus Christ. This is a translation you will read again and again. It is one you will share with your friends. I predict that The Mirror Translation will be widely accepted by those who are hungry to understand the Bible through the template of the lens of God’s grace.

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger

The Mirror Translation is astonishingly beautiful. The union theme is outstanding. The gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus into our lives; the gospel is the news that Jesus has received us into His. Once we discover this reality - and Francois du Toit has - beautiful, liberating, and life-giving questions emerge. Who is this Jesus who has received us into his life with his Father and the Holy Spirit? What is his life all about? How did he receive us? What does this mean for us, and for creation here and now, and hereafter? The early followers of Jesus knew that he was the center of all creation, the plan from the beginning, the alpha and the omega, the author and finisher of faith. They wrestled deeply with these questions and the staggering implications of Jesus’s very identity. They handed down clear and powerful and very relevant insights and answers. Francois has met the Jesus of the apostles, and through his wrestling with their light, is providing for us all a paraphrase of their work that is as thrilling as it is beautiful and true. My imagination ignites reading your translation of 1 John and feeling mirrored! What a beautiful, breathtaking translation my brother. This is brilliant, and destined to relieve and liberate many. You sing John’s heart. May the Holy Spirit continue to use the Mirror to reveal Jesus and his Father and us all around this world! I love it.

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